Thursday, February 27, 2014

It's growing

I'm so close to the end of my Critron shawl and I love it already. Truth be told I'm a little bored by all the Single Crochet but it looks fantastic and I can't wait to chuck it round my neck. Here it is in all it's unfinished glory.

See that mark there on the right hand side, where it's a bit lighter... that's not a mark on the wool, or mucky kids splodging it, it's sunshine! At last it's not raining, fantastic! That's the 4th ball there and I have one left so it should be the perfect amount. Just a few more days and I'll be able to try blocking it. I'd never heard of this before but it's basically washing and stretching it so the stitches aren't all scrunched up. Will let you know how it goes. I'm really pleased with this project, it's gone really fast considering I got the yarn on 12th February and have finished some other stuff. Yep you heard me right... finished! More on that to come. Now, given that I am completely fed up of Single crochet, why is it that I am lovingly looking at this pattern for a shawl that is all single crochet... Isn't it lovely? Hmmm, now what colours would be best...

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Fluph and Fluffy stuff

I've always bought most of my yarn online, where although you can get every colour and every combination, you can't feel it or smoosh it and that is so helpful when it comes to deciding what the finished thing is going to be like. Fluph is in Dundee and opened in December. It's like a home from home and you can prattle on about yarn and crafty plans and pass away an hour squishing beautiful wools in the person without feeling like you need to get out the shop quickly. Which is kind of what the traditional slightly-older-demographic wool shops can feel like to me. Plus they do Drops yarn, yay! My favourite right now! I'm mega excited about helping Fluph out with their Ravelry group. I know it's a bit gushy but I love the shop. I'll stop now...

Here's what I got on my latest visit, all Drops, I'm so predictable.

The turquoise-Bluey-Purple is to be a shawl or a scarf, maybe the Hitchin a Ride, the crochet version of Hitchiker. Or maybe by the time I'm finished what I'm working on I'll have changed my mind. The Rainbow Delight... OMG now I want to have some of that awful Angel Delight pudding you got at school dinners in the 80's, so full of nothing but pink... anyway, the rainbow yarn I think I would like to be a pair of socks, but crochet socks, I've never seen a pair let alone made them. Finally the I <3 You 3, maybe a hat and gloves, maybe stripey. I'm so prone to changing my mind cause of browsing Ravelry pattern library for hours on my phone, who needs Rock and Roll when you have Ravelry's pattern search. xxx

Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Bargain Crochet Book

The postie's just been with a delicious new book by Kat Goldin, there are so many gorgeous patterns for kids and it's just so fun. Kat's blog Slugs On The Refrigerator, how good is that name, I just love the silliness, is a really good read and has some great tutorials. Best of all it's in The Book People Sale so is the price of a mag. I love a bargain. I'm curling up on the sofa with my unfinished granny squares blanket with a cup of Earl Grey to have a good look. Stay cosy x

Saturday, January 04, 2014

Rainbow hat

I have so many crochet projects on my to do list this year. It's made a lot longer by Pinterest, hours and hours spent oogling, if oogling even a word, lots of beautiful things and pinning tutorials to come back to later. It's been a bit dreary in that post Christmas way when it rains and the wind blows I have have been crocheting some colour.
Nearly done in an evening and a half with a lot of distractions! It's from this free pattern here on Ravelry, just need to do this round then add the earflaps and it'll be really for Little Lass to wear while braving this damp January weather we're having. Come back sunshine!

Monday, December 30, 2013

Four Years On

Wow hasn't it been a long time. Nearly FOUR years! I've been very busy since I last posted here with the two biggest crafting projects ever! At 3 and three quarters ("Am I four yet Mummy or am I still three?") Wee Man keeps me busy with his endless questions and need for cuddles, along with Little Lass ("Mine!" "More!" and "Gone") who is lots more than a year old but a bit less than 2, and a wonderful cutesy tomboy. They are an absolute joy but do keep me VERY busy!

As you can imagine making stuff has had to take a back seat while I've been nurturing these wonderful little people, but as they get older, as they play a little more in their own little worlds for a few moments, I manage to sneak a little craft time in.  As this new crafting seems very different from the stuff I did BC (before children) it feels right to start a new little space. One where I DO have to remember to put pointy things out of reach and tidy bits away, or else yarn projects become birds nests, and treasured paper becomes a surface for Wee Man or Little Lass to try out their crayons or enthusiastically test a stray Biro on fleetingly, before moving onto other interesting surfaces such as walls or arms or important-grown-up-paperwork.

So thanks for stopping by however you found my dusty little space here you'll be welcome over at my new place. The kettle's always on, my new home may be strewn with toys but there's always time for tea and a crafty blether x

Friday, January 01, 2010

Happy New Year

Wow, what a busy second half of 2009 I had, as you may have guessed by my absence here! We have bought and renovated our new home, a mega project! I'll update you with photos and full details soon but meanwhile this Christmas Holiday I have been inspired into playing with textiles while listening to the Craftsanity podcasts. Also I've been reading Betz White's Inspirational Blog Lots of fabulous fabric gorgeousness... and made this brooch from a favourite cardi I accidentally shrunk in the wash. The leaves are needle felted, my first attempt at it.

I'll be back soon but meanwhile Wishing you a Healthy, Happy, Creative 2010.

Monday, May 18, 2009


I've finally got the hang of crochet by following the amazing pattern of Lucy from Attic 24. I absolutely love it. It's made of Debbie Bliss DK Cotton and it came together really quickly. I'm totally addicted now and have plans for a bedspread...

I also made a teddy, hereafter known as wonky teddy, cause he is just a tad. He's tiny and just sits in a hand. Made from a pattern here.
If you're into crochet or knitting try for loads of patterns and a great fibre community!