Thursday, February 15, 2007

In the Fold

It was Jane's turn to set the Daring Cardmakers Dare this week, can you believe we've all had a go at setting a dare now and we're back to Jane, its fantastic! Because I'm feeling a bit simple right now, and time is short, I thought I'd go for a simple card this week. Its made in Word so I thought I'd share it. Of course you can dress it up any way you want. I think it could be good for those Men's cards myself but I'm in more of a colourful mood!

Firstly for the 30 card, cut a pice of A4 card in half lengthwise, or for the 20 card cut it so its the full A4 length by 15cm or 5 3/4 inch.

Next you need to cut around the numbers on the right hand side of the score lines. Ive marked it here in green. Use a craft knife and cut leaving a small border round the printed number.

Next, you need to score the folds. I have marked them on here with a heavy pen so you can see.

The first score is 1 1/2 inch from the left hand edge.

The second score is 3 inch from the left hand edge. (Be careful not to score over the number as you dont want that to fold)

The third score is 5 1/4 inch from the left hand edge

The fourth score is 7 3/4 from the left hand edge. (Again, be careful not to score through the number)

Now you can fold your card into shape

The templates for printing the cards are here.
20 card template
30 card template

Next, print the numbers onto patterned paper or contrasting card.
20 for Patterned paper
30 for Patterned Paper

Now cut these numbers out and stick them either with glue or foam tape, now youre ready to decorate. If you do have a go at this I'd love to see, leave a link so I can come and have a peek!


Lythan said...

Thanks for the instructions. This is one cool card!

Susan said...

Your cards really grabbed my attention, Rhi, and I am very grateful for the instructions! Will definitely try this sometime and let you know how it turns out.

Kelly said...

Hi Rhi
Fab cards - love the simple, clean lines - thanks so much for the instructions. Will let you know when I use them!

Enjoying poking around your blog - great job on teh wedding cards below. How they chose, I don't know - they all looked FAB!

Scrapbook WithVanilla said...

What a cool care!! LOVE this

Maisymary's Findings said...

Fab , fab cards ! thanks for the instructions too ! will keep it in mind ! lol

ttfn , Pearl

maggie said...

Fab card as always Rhi.

Kathy said...

Ooooh I have a niece soon to be 13, I wonder if I can incorporate this idea into her card....

for another great card and another great idea, Rhi

Frog said...

Wow Rhi what a lovely card.

Andrea xx

manicstamper said...

Brilliant Rhi.
So bright and cheerful and very cleverly thought out.

Anntaurus said...

Thanks for the instructions and measurements Rhi - I usually run into hiding when I have to work anything like that out!! Great idea!

Paula said...

Very clever idea but patience required & no alcohol in hands!!!
I'll give this to my mate & see if she can make me one with 40 for next month!

Gillian Hamilton said...

You are amazing!!!!!... when I saw this on the DCM's blog I was just thrown.. I thought how did she work that out... and here you are you have given us all instructions... Thankyou Rhi!.. I love your cards.. they are gorgeous.. and dynamic!...

Julieann said...

Thank you for the lovely comments you leave on my blog & WOW....this card is amazing. I will definately be trying this one out.

Card Bored Kitty! said...

I loved the card when I saw it on the DCM site, but thought 'I could never do that, its too complicated'! How wrong was I? It is so effective but is so much easier to make than I thought. I think I'm tempted to have a go now! Thanks for sharing the design and the 'how to' - Well done!!

Paula said...

You've saved my bacon Rhi, time was short and your instructions were very easy to follow