Tuesday, June 19, 2007

More embossing

Thank you all for your comments about my embossing cards, I loved doing the dare and its so nice that you've taken the time to visit and comment on my cards. I have to say I'm still being an awful blogger, days and weeks are passing so quickly and there's so much to do. Plus I'm not getting enough time to sit down and read all the blogs. I miss just having time! Bit of a lack of time theme running at the moment eh!

The fun day last Saturday was, well, FUN! It was great showing people how to make cards and I think my highlight had to be the wee girl of about three who stamped the front back and insides of her card all over, brilliant! I did almost have to prize the stamp from her at the end, but instead cunningly distracted her with sticking a message on. She was so proud of her creation, it was absolutely priceless. I think some Dad's got some real works of Art on Sunday.

I have been managing to fit a bit of creative time in too, just not getting any photo's taken, so to prove I'm still making, here's some cards I've done recently with my new babies, I mean, my cuttlebug embossing folders.
More sanding and I just love these colours together. I'm a 70's child through and through.

Remember those metallic rub ons you bought years ago and get left at the bottom of a drawer, well they're ace on this embossed surface
Gold brilliance inkpad over a debossed pattern, this one started as a mistake as its one sided card and I put it in the wrong way, but actually I really like it.

And a cute fairy cake to finish! And a final confession, Ive ordered a cuttlebug!!!! Yes I know the bigshot does everything the cuttlebug does but my liitle green machine's going to be so much more portable, so much more practical for classes. Thats my line and I'm sticking to it!


Gillian Hamilton said...

Oh Rhi, these are all AWESOME!!!
you have a lovely collection of folders and you use each one so well...WTG ordering your cuttlebug, that will be so much more handy for classes indeed :O)

Kathy said...

Fab cards, all of them.

And good on you for ordering your Cbug, you deserve a treat, you've been working so hard lately. Not sure what my excuse is though!

Wendy - Anntaurus said...

Rhi - you are using these embossing folders to perfection - gorgeous work!

LisaBabe said...

I love these Rhi, esp the one using the bloom dots folder, which I ordered from a US seller last week.

Congrats on ordering a bug - I've totally fallen in love with my mean green cutting machine. I'm tempted just to start carrying him about to show him off!!


Kimberly White said...

Wonderful cards! Glad you are having time to create and teach in your hectic schedule. Have a wonderful day! Kim

mum on the run said...

All gorgeous cards, off to dig out my rub ons!!

Sarah said...

Wow Rhi, you have been busy - gorgeous cards!

Sarah x

Samm said...

These are all fab!!!


Dolly Mixtures said...

Love the effect created on the new cuttlebug - they look great when they are inked/sanded like that. I like the 70s inspired one very much. Angela

Rainowgirl said...

You certainly went to town on the embossing didn't you! What an excellent set of cards. I find dry embossing really difficult and never like my results.


Adele said...

Your cards are as awesome as ever Rhi. I adore your style! I love those metallic rub-ons that you mentioned, but now I feel the need for a new "baby" so I can buy some embossing folders!!!
Hope you are well,

love Dingle!xx