Monday, May 18, 2009


I've finally got the hang of crochet by following the amazing pattern of Lucy from Attic 24. I absolutely love it. It's made of Debbie Bliss DK Cotton and it came together really quickly. I'm totally addicted now and have plans for a bedspread...

I also made a teddy, hereafter known as wonky teddy, cause he is just a tad. He's tiny and just sits in a hand. Made from a pattern here.
If you're into crochet or knitting try for loads of patterns and a great fibre community!


Rachel said...

How funny - have been looking up crochet myself as it is something I have struggled to get the hang of over the years - but have picked up my knitting needles recently too - yarny things mus tbe the new black :-)

Loving the bag tho!


Attic24 said...

WOW!!!!!!!!! You did GOOOOOOOOOOOOD!!!
Well done on the crochet, your bag looks absolutely gorgeous, am so pleased to see it!
And as for the teddy, awwwww too cute for words!

Welcome to the world of The Happy Hookers :o)

LisaBabe said...

Gorgeous bag Rhi. I'd love to try crotcheting. My Mum's really good at it and used to crochet herself dresses when she was younger, she could never get the hang of teachiner her lefty daughter though. Will have a look Lucy's pattern.

Button necklace in your earlier post is lovely too - I've never tried one of these. Funnily enough I went a bit mad over the weekend and bought stuff for making polymer clay beads.

Hope we can manage to catch up in person soon.

Lisa xoxo

REDLAN said...

Oh my, you did it! and they are beautiful especially the teddy bear. Lately, I bought some crochet and knitting books but the problem is I never try it before. So I need to know the basic of knitting first. I love your crochet finished product.

Carolyn said...

Hi Rhi

Ok - so I am a little behind the times and not wandered around blogs for a very long long time - I love this little bear.

I got back into crochet last winter and would like to have a go at some more - but not sure what to do.

Carolyn said...

...Thanks for stopping by on my out of date was lovely to hear from you. I thought I had better post on my blog :) Will check out the site you mentioned - now the dark evenings are drawing in will have to get my hook out

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