Monday, December 30, 2013

Four Years On

Wow hasn't it been a long time. Nearly FOUR years! I've been very busy since I last posted here with the two biggest crafting projects ever! At 3 and three quarters ("Am I four yet Mummy or am I still three?") Wee Man keeps me busy with his endless questions and need for cuddles, along with Little Lass ("Mine!" "More!" and "Gone") who is lots more than a year old but a bit less than 2, and a wonderful cutesy tomboy. They are an absolute joy but do keep me VERY busy!

As you can imagine making stuff has had to take a back seat while I've been nurturing these wonderful little people, but as they get older, as they play a little more in their own little worlds for a few moments, I manage to sneak a little craft time in.  As this new crafting seems very different from the stuff I did BC (before children) it feels right to start a new little space. One where I DO have to remember to put pointy things out of reach and tidy bits away, or else yarn projects become birds nests, and treasured paper becomes a surface for Wee Man or Little Lass to try out their crayons or enthusiastically test a stray Biro on fleetingly, before moving onto other interesting surfaces such as walls or arms or important-grown-up-paperwork.

So thanks for stopping by however you found my dusty little space here you'll be welcome over at my new place. The kettle's always on, my new home may be strewn with toys but there's always time for tea and a crafty blether x

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