Thursday, February 27, 2014

It's growing

I'm so close to the end of my Critron shawl and I love it already. Truth be told I'm a little bored by all the Single Crochet but it looks fantastic and I can't wait to chuck it round my neck. Here it is in all it's unfinished glory.

See that mark there on the right hand side, where it's a bit lighter... that's not a mark on the wool, or mucky kids splodging it, it's sunshine! At last it's not raining, fantastic! That's the 4th ball there and I have one left so it should be the perfect amount. Just a few more days and I'll be able to try blocking it. I'd never heard of this before but it's basically washing and stretching it so the stitches aren't all scrunched up. Will let you know how it goes. I'm really pleased with this project, it's gone really fast considering I got the yarn on 12th February and have finished some other stuff. Yep you heard me right... finished! More on that to come. Now, given that I am completely fed up of Single crochet, why is it that I am lovingly looking at this pattern for a shawl that is all single crochet... Isn't it lovely? Hmmm, now what colours would be best...

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