Saturday, February 24, 2007


I did it, I made the classic self doubting mistake when I went to pick up my dress yesterday... They had a new design in that I hadn't seen at all and it just stopped me in my tracks. You should have seen the faces of Matt's Mum and the shop lady as I asked to try the new sample on before my actual wedding dress wot I had ordered *blush*.

I don't know where my normal(ish) self had gone but for that moment I was Bridezilla, all be it a very embarrased one, lol.

The good news is, I tried it the sample on and it was so not me, and my dress wot I have ordered is still gorgeous and fitted like a glove, any alterations are going to be really minor, so I thought I'd share a pic of me in it...

Now remember the bouquet they gave me to hold isn't my colour scheme...

And my hair isn't done....

And I dont have my accessories on...

Here you go...

Lol! So alls well that ends well, and my original dress that I love again is safely stored at Matt's Mums out of the way of our cats... Phew!

Thursday, February 22, 2007

20-20 (Cream Crackered)

Yawwwnnnn. Just got in the door at 8pm from Glasgow and I have my wedding dress! I shall fill you in on all my best Bridezilla moments tomorrow as right now I have to eat, drink (tea!), unwind from the drive and sleep as Im so tired. A few folk have left comments saying they love my rambling on about wedding plans... Ha! You'll never shut me up now!

So here we go, my 20-20 dare cards. Kathy set a fab dare this week, to use 20 of one thing on a card! And if you're very clever, like some of the fab DCM team you'll get 2 lots of 20 on one card. I spread mine over two cards though...

Firstly we have 20 eyelets on a heart, a lot of hammering! Papers are The Vintage Workshop by Paper adventures. Brown and pink, yummmm.Secondly, 20 prima flowers. I tried this on 20 circles but it didnt look right (see I tried to be clever but it didn't work), so inspired by a previous little extra I went Retro.

Happy Cardmaking and I'll be back tomorrow!

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Shine On

My Shine Tag Book with my favourite shine quotes and meanings.

Papers are the scrummy Blonde Moments, and Im so glad this is a little book for me to keep because they're just gorgeous! And now I've cut into my full sheets I'm much more likely to use them!

Ive been so busy recently, cake making, wow how heavy is a 12 inch round fruit cake and it takes some muscles to mix that much cake mix! I'm off to see my actual wedding dress on friday and if it fits I get to take it away! Im getting alterations done locally to save a 2 hour trip to Glasgow for fittings. Lots of wedding planning stuff, colour schemes, as well as work and a massive to do list which I can never get to the end of. Plus the house really needs some TLC as Ive only been doing the minimum, eek!

I must remember to breathe!

Stay creative and happy, til next time, Rhi x

Thursday, February 15, 2007

In the Fold

It was Jane's turn to set the Daring Cardmakers Dare this week, can you believe we've all had a go at setting a dare now and we're back to Jane, its fantastic! Because I'm feeling a bit simple right now, and time is short, I thought I'd go for a simple card this week. Its made in Word so I thought I'd share it. Of course you can dress it up any way you want. I think it could be good for those Men's cards myself but I'm in more of a colourful mood!

Firstly for the 30 card, cut a pice of A4 card in half lengthwise, or for the 20 card cut it so its the full A4 length by 15cm or 5 3/4 inch.

Next you need to cut around the numbers on the right hand side of the score lines. Ive marked it here in green. Use a craft knife and cut leaving a small border round the printed number.

Next, you need to score the folds. I have marked them on here with a heavy pen so you can see.

The first score is 1 1/2 inch from the left hand edge.

The second score is 3 inch from the left hand edge. (Be careful not to score over the number as you dont want that to fold)

The third score is 5 1/4 inch from the left hand edge

The fourth score is 7 3/4 from the left hand edge. (Again, be careful not to score through the number)

Now you can fold your card into shape

The templates for printing the cards are here.
20 card template
30 card template

Next, print the numbers onto patterned paper or contrasting card.
20 for Patterned paper
30 for Patterned Paper

Now cut these numbers out and stick them either with glue or foam tape, now youre ready to decorate. If you do have a go at this I'd love to see, leave a link so I can come and have a peek!

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Better late than never

Two days late but Ive got round to my card for Gillians fantastic Read all about it dare!

I used a vintage magazine ad from the fantastic Puss and part of a dressmaking pattern, dovecraft brads, some lace that I think came from a charity shop ages ago and twill from little silver hat. All on a Kraft brown base card. Thanks Gillian for a fantastic dare.

Saturday, February 10, 2007


Wow, what a hectic week this has been, Ive had so much to do and so little time. I didn't even manage to get my dare card done this week, which was very frustrating as its a fantastic dare set by our wonderful Gillian and I had loads of ideas but no time, grrr.

A few good things though... I have found and ordered my wedding dress, its gorgeous and a snip of a price. I would never normally say anything was a snip at hundreds of pounds, especially clothes but compared to some of the gowns Ive seen it was! Of course I can't share a picture til the big day, so you'll just have to wait til then.

Secondly, we have a new mattress and oh wow its so comfortable. Goodbye springs in the back and sleeping on mini mountain ranges and hello happy healthy comfy supported spine. Bliss.

Normal craftyness shall hopefully be resumed very shortly, when I find my desk under all the rubbish thats on it!

Friday, February 02, 2007

Celebrate the Romance

Isn't it amazing how everyones tastes are different. They picked number 1!

I thought theyd go for number 3 as it has 7 squares and 7 flowers and as their big day is 7.7.07 making the 7's significant but that shows how wrong I am! The sample is winging its way to France right now for the final look over. Exciting stuff. Next it'll be figuring a colour pallette out for our own day, so much to do!!!

Anyway, on to this weeks Dare a very exciting colaboration between ourselves and the uber talented Speshal girls! We were challenged to make a really romantic scrapbook layout...on a card! Its fantastic to see two design teams working towards creating scrapping-cards, all the finished pieces are stunning and as individual as the talented people that made them.

Here's mine, pic of me and my wonderful fiance on our local beach squinting because its so sunny! I altered it in Photoshop to make it Sepia-ish Black and White. I bravely cut into my Basic Grey blush for this, and added primas, papermania brads ribbon and ric rac. Very simple really, especially given just how long it took to do! The Alpha is QK Sunshine with a QK mini heart. I can't wait to see what this dare inspires you to do, as always its fantastic when you share a link to your creations and we can pop along to see.