Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Fog mist and rain

Its been one of those grey days today *sigh*
Nothing to say about it really, just wanted to get that card off of the top of my blog!
Hugs to everyone else who's having one of those days, its no fun....


Saffa said...

/ rained here..ALOT and in more ways than one...seems like a few of us are having the same kind of weather!!


LisaBabe said...

Beautiful here :):) was raining a bit first thing but had cleared by 08:00.

See you in a couple of weeks :D

Kathy said...


come down here, we are having the most beautiful day. Blue skies, shining sun, the lot it's even WARM!!!!!
I really should go out in the garden with the camera.

Best way to get "that" card off the top of you blog is to post some new ones......

Kel said...

Know what you mean hun ;-)