Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Messy again

My craft room's definately not as tidy as it was. I had a couple of classes to prepare for so lots of things got taken out and not put away... As usual. Theres still more than an A4 space on my desk though! Of course you're all welcome round to play, just don't expect it to be as tidy as the pics!

After my class today I fought my way through the traffic into town (and got lost- doh!) to go clothes shopping for something smart to wear to my interview. Managed to get a Jacket and trouser suit in H&M which was very reasonably priced too. The black one was so depressing and made the bags under my eyes stand out a mile so that was a no. I uhmed and ahhed for ages in the changing room between the brown and grey and even though I liked the brown one more, I went for the grey I suited the colour better next to my face and wont date as fast. Now can I get away with my black aspen crocs with it or am I going to have to get evil uncomfy shoes... Oh the interesting dilemmas in my life.

OH has an interview tomorrow for a job with the council so Im going to have an exciting evening testing him on his pre-interview swotting and asking him awkward interviewery type questions. I won't get to find out how it went til tomorrow evening as Im working. Its a good one and decent money so fingers crossed. Its all change in this house at the moment...in a good way :D

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Rachel said...

oohhhh interview clothes - have you decided about the shoes? please send my best wishes to your OH for his interview, Ill keep everything crossed for you both. Good Luck xx