Sunday, October 15, 2006

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Ive had to do quite a bit of thinking about this tag from Paula

So... my 5 biggest achievements in life so far

1. Getting through Art College, even though it took me a bit longer than it should, and getting a good degree in Art & Design, something I have a real passion for.

2. Having a wonderful happy home with a man I love very much. Ok theres a bit of dust and the carpet could do with a hoover, but its a happy home not a showhome!

3. Escaping city life. It was fun for a while but its just too hectic for me.

4. Being creative, it makes me happy.

5. Raising two well adjusted puddy cats!

5 things I want to achieve before I die

1. To raise a family, I want to be the best Mum I can be.

2. To continue to love what I do workwise, and to find more work that I love doing.

3. To become self employed and make a living from it, or at lease take in more money than I spend!

4. To raise my own food. I know it might sound gruesome, but I do eat meat and its something I'd really like to challenge myself with.

5. To stay relatively helthy and sane, probably not much chance there then!

thanks Paula, it was a toughie and it really made me think :)

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