Wednesday, April 11, 2007


Thank you for all your lovely comments about my art dare card. I really appreciate each and every one :) I have been busy crafting but can't share it at the moment so you'll just have to take my word for it!

I am gobsmaked by the wonderful entries on the dare I set so I thought I'd share the contributions up to date here, its amazing to see what everyones come up with. To think I nearly didn't set this dare cause it was too way out!

  • Sarah

  • Sheila (manicstamper)

  • Esther

  • Ruthie

  • Paula

  • Lynne

  • Wendy (Anntaurus)

  • Rainowgirl

  • Kitty

  • Lisa Olibob

  • Andrea(frog)

  • Jayne

  • Marmaluke

  • Tracey

  • Annikki

  • Monty's Mum

  • Sharon

  • Angelnorth

  • Mary-beth

  • Pearl (Maisymary)

    Sarah said...

    Rhi, if you pop over to my blog you will see that you have won some blog candy. I hope you like pink!!

    Lisa said...

    Rhi, I have loved your dare - I'm so pleased you did do it! Thank you, Lisa

    Rainowgirl said...

    Hi Rhi - your challenge really made me look beyond the end of my nose for inspiration. I often resort to adapting ideas I have seen in magazines, so this was completely different. Lots of us tried it and succeeded, so it was well worth doing and Saffa has taken us even further this week - into another culture. That's going to be another new challenge I am looking forward to.

    Angelnorth said...

    It made for a great dare Rhi, glad you didn't back out of posting it! Choosing a sculptor for inspiration might have made things a bit more challenging but certainly meant it had to be inspiration rather than copying.

    The results from everyone were so varied, it certainly made people think a bit differently. Thanks!

    manicstamper said...

    I'm glad you did it too Rhi. I'm loving doing these dares.