Monday, April 02, 2007

Colour Change

What a gorgeous weekend! It was so nice to have the sun out, a real taster of the summer to come. Went for a lovely walk on the beach and remembered the camera too, we're so lucky to have this so close by. Then speaking to my Dad last night they'd been to the beach too, and one of my little brothers had been in swimming. They may be 18 and all grown up but they're still my little bro's. Mad going in the sea at this time of year though, not even in a wetsuit! They're made of sterner stuff than me, I didn't even take my coat off. Maybe they have their own little mini heatwave going on over the west coast!

Not much indoor creativity this weekend, but I did make a new blog banner last night which Im very pleased with, the other one was a bit autumny and I never got a good wintry pic to replace it. Also, better late than never, got my flower seeds started off. The cats are totally peeved bcause their windowsills are now covered in trays and plantpots. The gardens looking great, if messy but at least everythings starting to grow, and I'm remembering whats coming next. Lots of blue, cream and white annual flowers this year for cutting as Im going to try growing as many of our wedding flowers as possible.

I hope you had a lovely weekend, what did you get up to? Its lovely to hear who reads my blog so leave a comment and I can come and visit you too!


Kathy said...

oooooooh I LOVE the new banner. Whenever I feel homesick for the sea, I'll know where to come for a quick seaside visit now!

Kate said...

New Banner looks Fab Rhi. Thanks A million for the fab Blog Candy it arrived this morning.

maggieb said...

Great banner Rhi is that a photo of lunnan bay? It looks so summery we were in Glasgow at the weekend but i haven't up dated my blog yet. will try & update later

Gillian Hamilton said...

Oh Rhi, what a beautiful beach you have.. these are just lovely photo's... and I just love your new banner :o)

Dollydimps said...

Fantastic photos's a wee bit further away from me than it is you, but isn't it just THE best beach! (even if it's on the Sea coast so the water's always freeeeeezing!)
Can't wait to see how the flowers are doing, my gardening so far has consisted of putting the guinea pigs out during the day to "harden them off" after their winter indoors-they munch so much grass it saves on petrol for the lawnmower ;)

Paula said...

Love the new banner - I should really get one sorted myself!