Sunday, December 09, 2007

Christmas boxes & Randomness

I've been making these dinky boxes for a while now, the perfect way to wrap diddy things. This one's inspired by a tutorial on Splitcoast but I made up my own measurements cause they're deigned for american sized paper. Actually I didn't measure at all, just guessed the lines on my scoreboard and it worked. I can do a 'how I do them' if anyone gets stuck.
This one is inspired by Lauren, but again, I adapted it to my scoreboard for ease. Both are made from one sheet of A4 card, printed with Pink Petticoat and the edges trimmed (my laser wont do edge to edge printing) and finished off with ribbon. Now I'm not going to tell you what's going in them incase you're getting one lol.
I've been tagged by the lovely Kim, 7 random facts! This is a difficult one, m sure I've done it before so I'll try to think of another load of random facts.

  1. I love a real log fire, it really makes a house a home for me, I love the smell of burning peat too, reminds me of growing up on the island where we dug our own peat.
  2. I went to Art college in Aberdeen and got a degree in Design and Craft - 3D design. I made lamps from clear cast resin, I'll have to share some pics sometime - they're prints though as we used film then so I'll need to get the scanner out.
  3. I'd love to get into scrapping but I just haven't been able to yet. I have put our wedding album together now though, no decoration just a print a page - so I may scrap some of those pics soon.
  4. I am not named after the Fleetwood Mac song Rhiannon, I was born before it was released... just!
  5. I can't abide this 80's fashion trend, I like flares and funky 70's patterns and remember skin tight jeans with zips on the ankles first time round. Yeuuuch!
  6. I love snow, it brings out the big kid in me, not too keen on driving in it though.
  7. I'm a last minute minnie and have my own unique organisation system which looks chaotic but there is method in my mess somewhere!
If you're reading this and haven't done it... YOU'RE TAGGED!!!


Clare said...

Your gift bags are great, I love using these for little presents.

Gina said...

Really gorgeous gift bags! I enjoyed you random facts ~ my daughter IS named after the Fleetwood Mac song which is one of my all time favourites :O)

Paula said...

Gorgeous bags. Love the papers used. I am looking around the blogs & all the Xmas stuff is fab & they all have stunning papers. I barely have any Xmas stuff except papermania from two years ago!!
Am loving the BG but am on a stash diet!

PaperBabe - Kim said...

Thanks for your great facts.

I love your bags they're very yummy and I'm sure they'll be well received!

Fantastic idea with your star making, lovely!

Kim x

Anonymous said...

Fab bags, Great to read your answers:)