Saturday, September 30, 2006

Flat as a pancake

No not physically...but mentally. After the initial excitement of getting a job interview Im now beginning to panic about it. How will I cope, what am I going to wear, what if I have a panic attack at the interview, could I do the job anyway? Argh, I hate my head.

Thanks for all your lovely comments though, its amazing anyone wants to read my drivel at all!

At least its a lovely sunny day, Im going to try and distract myself from all this negative stuff and do something a bit more interesting.


LisaBabe said...

Rhi, I'm sure you'll do just fine at the interview.

Kathy said...

You will be fine, just don't get yourself in a stew about it!

Lovely sunny day down here too. So sunny that we put the rook down on the car, then this big black cloud came at us from nowhere and dumped it's contents. Of course even though we'd been driving along country roads all morning it waitied till we were on the A1 with nowhere to stop before it did so......

Lythan said...

You can do it Rhi! Will be thinking of you

Beth said...

Hey, you commented on my thingie! Hi :)

Don't worry about the interview, if you just prepare really well then you can stop thinking about it, know what I mean?

Rhi said...

Thanks girls for such lovely positive comments. I'll just have to try my best :)

Nic said...

Finally come across your blog! (yes I know you said you'd started one, but this is me remember!)
BRILLIANT news about the interview!!!!
You know what I think about your abilities to do the job, your talent and enthusiasm shines through when you talk about all the things which are relevant to it.
When you have the interview, think of it as chatting with a friend rather than an interview, and it's tons easier-I promise!