Wednesday, September 20, 2006

A great day

Today I tought my first ever pottery class and after being quite nervous about it, it went really well. There was lots of mess, which is just how it should be when you're throwing on the wheel, and everyone who came along seemed to thoroughly enjoy it. So same again next week. I already tutor other crafts but pottery was a first and although Ive done pottery as part of my design and Craft degree Im no professional potter. Still, this class is about having fun first and if you make something thats a bonus. Lots of smiles all round and plenty of references to Ghost and the Generation Game, hehe!

Crafts are a fantastic thing. When I see someone make something they never thought they could, it gives me a real feeling of satisfaction. I really love being a craft tutor, sharing crafts with other people and encouraging them to have a go. Then when they do better than they thought they would they're so proud and its priceless. Oh Im gushing, how embarassing! Well at least I love my job now, theres been plenty I haven't.

Anyway, I think today is the day to go public and share my blog with the world, you never know, I might even get some pics to show you tomorrow, thats if I can figure out how to do it... don't hold your breath!

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