Thursday, September 28, 2006

Update of this last week

Well my daily posting didn't last long did it! Here's why...

I had a great weekend last weekend but it left me so tired and worn out. On friday we (me and my OH) went up to Aberdeen for a friends birthday night out. I made her a notebook with her name on it and she loved it! (forgot to take a photo -Doh!) It was great fun and I opted to drive so I had a great excuse not to be pestered into drinking. I know it sounds really dull but it just doesn't agree with me and Im much happier with my Orange Juice and lemonade. Then, well past my usual bedtime, we went to a nightclub. Now I haven't been to a nightclub for years and years but still managed to bump into folk I knew, some of them were a little worse for wear though. It was great to be out and have a dance and it was lovely being out in places with the smoking ban. Its the first time Ive been out since it was introduced and its so clean. The only drawback is that half the place is stood on the street chatting and smoking and inside you can smell the sweaty students BO ewwwwww.

Anyway I can't keep up these days and was so knackered the next day, (Clubs are open til 3am now!) but at least I didn't have a hangover like everyone else. *smug*

On Saturday in the day I went and found the paper mill place in Aberdeen, Yum yum, lots of lovely boxes of shimmery card and paper and a better selection than the paper mill shop in tillycoutry.

Saturday evening was catching up with a friend who's over from France then Sunday was getting the house tidy cause my Dad and Stepmum were coming to stay on monday for the night.

Luckily that all passed without any events, arguments or even dissagreements. A big PHEW!

Then I was busy with work so that my dear blog readers bring us up to date to this morning. May I be excused for missing a whole week in blogland please?

I have been tagged by Maggie
and have some other exciting news but I shall do that in another post later. Nothing like a bit of suspense eh, teehee.

Over and out!

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