Wednesday, January 10, 2007


Sorry I went AWOL there for a bit, I haven't had much time for crafting, I seem to have been doing everything but.... working, cleaning, sorting through old stuff I don't need any more, Yawn. Still Ive taken a few bags to the charity shop now, gave some stuff away and binned some proper rubbish so I'm going to treat myself and put aside tomorrow just for crafting!

I'm going dress shopping on friday, how exciting it that! I'm off to Glasgow with my Mother In Law to Be, the only scary bit is we decided to drive as the train was so dear, £86 for us both for a day trip, whereas the fuel will cost £20 max (and the government wonder why we don't use public transport grrr) and Im doing the scary Glasgow driving bit! Eeek! I just have to remember I managed to get all the way to Birmingham and back so as long as I stay calm it shouldn't be too bad. Unfortunately I don't know if my Best Woman can make it as she may have a funeral to go to. Its very sad as its a close friend of hers Mum who died suddenly and having lost my Mum years ago I can understand how important friends are at a time like that.

We've decided on Best Woman as her title though, no Maid of honour here, sounds too much like Milk Maid or Old Maid for us, lol! Plus we've agreed against a night on the town with veils, L Plates and potty's for my Hen night. Phew!

We've also spoken to the Minister and he's coming round for tea next week so its all very exciting.

Ive had a few lovely Crafty deliveries recently from my Birthday and Christmas pennies, The Yummy QK Sunshine which I got as a total bargain .And some stash from local Shops too, well Use Them or Loose Them as the local paper says. Its tough but someone has to do it! The bracket stamps weren't bought locally though, they're from Roundacres Crafts and I can't believe how quickly they came, I ordered on monday night and they were here this morning, wow! I'm really impressed with the new Papermainia range, some lovely new bits at really reasonable prices, and the Cardmakers pack was reduced at Craftspirations so it would've been rude not to, 'specially since its my 'local'.I'm lucky that my Birthday's so close to Christmas, it means if I save my pennies for just a few weeks I can get loads more stuff! Fab! If you don't have any new stuff to use then pop over to the Daring Cardmakers Blog for some great cards recycling found or rescued bits and bobs.


Dollydimps said...

ooooooooooo exciting wedding times!!!
You and me both for crafting tomorrow-I can't wait for a serious play with Rob without having to clock watch!
I shall look forward to your dare creation ;-)

maggie said...

OOOOOOOO Rhi how exciting going dress shopping i cant wait till i go with lesley but she's not getting married for a couple of years but we have been out & about looking at venues they want to get married in a hotel i think we are going to settle for the red house hotel in couper angus.Im sure you will manage the drive to Glasgow fine just watch out in the city center it can be quite daunting but as Lesley always say's keep your cool & dont panic & you will get there in the end.HAPPY SHOPPING

Kathy said...

oooooh how exciting - remember to thake the tissues (MIL will blub when she sees you wearing the perfect wedding dress)and wear comfy shes. Getting my own dress wasn't too difficult actually, but when I went shopping for her dress with my SIL we traipsed up and down Oxford Street and Regent Street and our poor feet were in agony!

Lythan said...

Wedding dress trying on was one of the best days of my life - I was treated like a princess and hope you will be too. Why not take a camera so that it can be part of your wedding scrap album! And enjoy having the Minister come to tea. I dare you to say "More tea, Minister" to him without giggling.
And WHY did you have to show me those most gorgeous of bracket stamps?

LisaBabe said...

oo hope the shopping trip goes well, Rhi. You'll manage driving in Glasgow no bother - it's so much easier than driving in the flaming countryside.

Loving the QK sunshine - I've got it too and it's fab - and the other stuff you've got.

See you soon.


Paula said...

smart choice on Best Woman. My sister did that as Matron of honour sounds so dated these days.
I bet you are so excited trying the frocks on!! The wedding shop across from this office has just put all the new season frocks in the windows.....

Like your new stash too!!!!!