Saturday, January 13, 2007

Raid the Wardrobe!

Lythan set the fantastic Dare this week to Raid your Wardrobe for inspiration! Love it!

I just had to make a card using my very silly patchwork trousers from my Art School days. I dont wear them anymore (I actually eat proper food now lol) but I kept them for the fancy dress box, and so one day my kids could have a good laugh at them like I did at my Mum's ridiculous and very out of fashion clothes!
And heres the card they inspired
Using lots of screen printed thick mulberry papers, QK Sunshine Alpha and Saru's Flower Font for the big flower which is then handcut, like the one embroidered on the pocket of the trousers, and a Leave Memories clear stitching stamp to sew the pieces together. I'm really looking forward to seeing what you do!

And the reason Im so late updating.... because I went wedding dress shopping yesterday. Wowee what an experience. I tried on some gorgeous dresses, didn't find 'the one', but now I have a much better idea of what I want and what suits me, which is not what I thought at all. Me and Matt's Mum had a fab day out in Glasgow and a real laugh together, it was so lovely. We also had a giggle at some of the styles that are 'in' this year, definately not my taste but as I seem to like old seasons styles there should be a bargain to be had somewhere out there, which is perfect for me! I've never been fashionable so why start now!

Big traffic jams meant I didn't get home till really late, in atrocious wind and rain, twigs flying everywhere and having to drive through small ponds! It made it all quite an adventure. Of course I can't really share any of the pics we took just yet but heres a snippet of one thats lovely not quite right, in amongst so many gorgeous colours of fabric, lush. Yes those are my arms!
I'm so excited, I think I need a little lie down now in a darkened room, but before I do, another fantastic and exciting bit of news, Gillian has joined the DCM Design Team. We're so happy to have you on board, welcome Gillian :D And there will be other opportunities to be involved too so keep you're eye out for them!


Frog said...

Lovely card Rhi, and great birthday cards.What beautiful coloured skirts

Andrea xx

Kathy said...

Great card Rhi, love the mad trousers too!

So, the perfect dress didn't jump out at you yesterday then, ah well, plenty more time to try zillions more eh?

Jane said...

oooh !! lovely card. glad you had a great day. I loved shopping for wedding dresses !

Gillian Hamilton said...

Rhi this is just so gorgeous this card.. I really love the stamped stitching too...
Have a wonderful time choosing your dress my dear.. it's such a special time for you... You'll know the one it's be the dress you TWIRL in.. :o)

Sarah said...

Hiya Rhi

Thanks for popping by my blog!

Your card is lovely, you are sooo inspirational.

Have fun dress shoping.

Speak soon.

Sarah xxx

maggie said...

Hi Rhi love the card good to see you had a good time dress shopping.I went with Lesley yesterday as she thought she had found thee dress it is beautiful & i cried when i seen her in it.But now she has seen another one she likes on a web site so who knows which one she will have i think it's a bit soon as they are not getting married for 2 years but she wants to try different styles.There is a wedding shop in Arbroath in the high st some beautiful dresses it's called something old something new.

Karen said...
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Maisymary's Findings said...

Brilliant card , Rhi ! I did wonder what inspired it when I first saw it b4 this posting - now we know !

Happy dress shopping ! You should take your time before deciding ! lol

ttfn, Pearl

Mary-Beth said...

Great card Rhi!!! That and the pants take me back to the 70's. LOL

Thanks for stopping by my blog and for the kind comments. Much appreciated!

Renata Moni said...

Great work in your card!
Just beautiful!

Saffa said...

OOOh Rhi gorgeous card.

You are a tease not letting us see the full piccy! You will find your dress.

Isnt it fun!


LisaBabe said...

Wow Rhi, don't know how I maanged to miss this one. Sounds like dress shopping was exciting. Can't wait to see a proper pic of you in the frock you choose.