Monday, January 29, 2007

Weddingy stuff!

Firstly thank you all for your lovely comments about my dare card, I was really touched. maybe I should be more last miute every week lol!

The dress hunting went well, a bit too well, I think I may have found IT! Scary stuff, a bit more than we hoped to spend too, eek! Still going elsewhere just to doublecheck though.

Anyway, my fab french friends Celine and Angus (ok Angus is Scottish but it ruins my lovely alitteration!) are getting married in the french alps in July and my gift to them is their wedding invites. We've been liasing for ages and are very nearly finished the planning. Now that they've seen them and picked a favourite I thought Id share the samples with you. So which one do you reckon they went for? It wan't the one I had my bet on! Had to do a montage as blogger wouldn't let me have 6 pics in a post!


Sarah said...

Rhi - they are stunning! What a hard choice huummm, maybe No 1?

What a lovely present..

Sarah xx

Dollydimps said...

If it were me I'd ask for 10 of each :-D
If I had to pick just one though, I'd say number 1 too.
They're all gorge

Lynne.x said...

Wowwee they are all fab.
It must have been hard for them to pick just one. I'm gonna go for 6.

Kathy said...

Love them all - what a hard job you gave them to choose!

Now if it were me I'd go for number 3

Kate said...

They are all fab Rhi but if I had to choose I wold pick emm err No 2??!!

Ellen said...

love the colours and the designs.
mmmm I'd go for number 4

maggie said...

Beautiful invitations Rhi if i had to choose it would be no6.

Céline said...

I have to admit the choice was tough. Rhi, which one did you think we were going to go for?

Janine said...

I think number three.....I was draw to that when I first saw them all up. Whoo hoo on the dress that is exciting to have found the one.

Gillian Hamilton said...

I'd choose no 3.. too, but how stunning are they Rhi.. Just beautiful.. you never cease to amaze!..