Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Happy New Year!

Had a fab time with friends at a house party, none of us really fancied trapsing the streets in the wind and hail! lol. I managed to drink just the right amount too, so no horrendous hangover yesterday, I was just knackered from staying up so late!

I hope you all have a happy and healthy 2007 with lots of time for crafting.

Heres a pic I promised of the trees on Christmas day, it looked amazing although most of the photos came out pants. Everything was covered in a thick layer of ice, so cool. I can't wait to have another crafty meet, so now its new year, are you up for it girls? You know who you are!


Dollydimps said...

Happy New Year Rhi!
Definitely up for it!
The pic of the trees is lovely-wish I'd thought to take pics of the fields from my house instead of just looking out over them!

Lynne.x said...

Happy New Year Rhi.
Add my name to the list for meeting ... :D The tree's were gorgeous on the way to MiL's on Xmas Day, but by the time we got there, and got the camera out - it had all melted ..... typical :/

Tracey said...

Happy New Year Rhi. Yes , yes, yes to a crafty meet up. I can't wait.
Tracey xxx

LisaBabe said...

Happy New Year, Rhi.

I'm up for it :D


Gillian Hamilton said...

Brrrrilliant Photo Rhi....

Kathy said...

Happy New Year Rhi
For you it looks like being a very special year full of excitement and joy - the rest of us will be avidly reading your blog to find out how things are going with your wedding plans.

Love the picture, it has a really wintry feel - the light on a winter's day has such a special quality

Tracey said...

Happy New Year Rhi and heres to a healthy, wealthy and of course crafty 2007!