Sunday, January 21, 2007

We've got a date!

For our wedding, whoohoo! The Minister came to visit on friday and he's great. He has a great sense of humour, is really down to earth and has said he would be happy to marry us, so the big day is the 18th of August, 2 days before my Grandparents Diamond Wedding Anniversary. Sixty years is a very long time, 10 times as long as me and Matt have been together

Yesterday I had a meeting with someone to discuss cardmaking classes, all will be revealed in due course, and then finally got round to tidying my craft room. So today I made a big mess again, as you do! Ive been making samples for my friends wedding invites, we've been too-ing and fro-ing ideas for a while and the deadlines getting close so I hope Ive made progress today, I need to take piccys to email then I'll share them with you.

Meanwhile I love this song, Lil Star by Kelis, I won't embed it into my blog incase you're listening to something else and it clashes but I thought it went well with my star card! I'm absolutely loving all the cards you've done for the dare I set, they're amazing and all so different, its an absolute honour being a Daring Cardmaker, very big grin :)

Happy Sunday to you all.


maggie said...

Aw Rhi thats good you got your date sorted my birthday is the 15th August. Lesley got her date confirmed tonight she will get married on 10th October 2009.But i have to help organize lesley's friend's wedding which has been confirmed as 27th September next year.A long story but she wants me to be mother of the bride as her own mum probebly wont be going to the wedding so i have 2 weddings to see to.

Kathy said...

Wonderful news Rhi!
I'm so glad you found the Minister was one of the "Good Un's" ;)

Sounds like your family are in for an absolutely HUGE time of celebration - 60 years - amazing. We'll have been married 14 years in July which seems to have flown by, 60 though? wow

Lythan said...

I'm so relieved you got on well with the Minister :) How exciting to have it all booked up. I'm sure you will have a wonderful time. I keep wishing my life away by realising that as we will have been married 19 years next May, that it is only 6 years to our Silver wedding. Man, that makes me sound old! I hope you find married life as happy and fulfilling as I do.

Mary-Beth said...

Love those stamps!I'm getting me sme too!!! LOL

Congrats on the date and to your Grands. It's been 30 in May for us but 60 is amazing!

Thanks for your kind comments on my blog Rhi, I totally appreciate them.

Gillian Hamilton said...

Awwww.... it's so gorgeously (new word alert) fun to read about your happy preperations... What a thrill for your grandparents too to have not only a Diamond wedding Anniversary but for you to be married so close to their anniversary... Lovely..

Maisymary's Findings said...

Unthinakble to me - celebrating 60 yrs together ! lol - I dont think I know of anyone here ! how wonderful for yr grandparents ! & you have a wedding date ! wahoo ! happy progress with the preparations !