Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Cake & Cats

Thanks for your messages of congratulations, I'm still well chuffed! Its been another dreary autumn week so far here, lots of rain or cloud or mist or a combination meaning its getting dark and half three, roll on spring! Lots to do and not a huge amount of time but I've been planning work stuff around Christmas time and think I'm going to manage a nice long break, where I can eat loads and watch films in my PJ's. Stuff like that! A couple of Cake cards to share today.
Both use a Two Peas Dingbat font, DCWV paper and ribbon from Ribbon Oasis, and I can't believe the sparkle actually showed up in the photo. They're painted with pretend H2Os, which come in a little pallette of 10 colours from the works. You can mix them with normal watercolours too for more colours and they're a bargain at £2.99 - up with the artists stuff.

The poor cats are really hating the rain, they seem to want in two seconds after they've been let out and have managed to get themselves soaked in that miniscule amount of time. Then of course they want a cuddle straight away, hmmm nothing like a cuddle with a soggy cat eh. I got a set of stamps recently from Rusty Pickle, the one that made them have to have stamps was a quote...

Dogs have owners.
Cats have staff.

So true!


Marlou said...

oh these are gorgeous Rhi!!!! and guess what I got this evening???? my wedding shoes, Rainbowclub as recommended by you, if you want a peep at them they are else, and the name of shoe is bucks fizz, little pumps!!!! :) xx

Anonymous said...

They gorgeous Rhi. :) Weather has been dark here too!

LisaBabe said...

Yummy cake cards, Rhi. I know exactly how the cats feel.

Lisa xoxo

Kate said...

Gorgeous Cards Rhi, SO CUTE!!