Sunday, November 04, 2007

A tag and a card

I don't think I shared this card before. It was for a BG contest, using Obscure, funky papers but quite difficult to use. Great fun to make this one, and lots of handcutting too!
Also I've been tagged by Kate! Thank you :)

4 jobs I have had

Dental Nurse a long time ago
Workshop Coordinator of a Social Enterprise
Pizza Chef ahh those student jobs...
Craft Tutor

4 places I have visited
Malmo in Sweeden
Lyon in France
Quite a few places in Greece
Camden in London

4 places I have lived
Rural Wales
Isle of Lewis
The big city of Aberdeen (a metropolis to me!)
Rural Angus

4 faovourite foods
Sunday Roast, any of them, we're having chicken today.
Creme eggs

4 places I would rather be
My craft room
On a warm beach
By the fire
Snuggled in bed when there's a storm outside

And I'm going to tag... Lisa, Lynne and Nic, in honour of making friends made on the internet and living to tell the tale!


maggieb said...

Another great card Rhi i love the way you put bits & bobs together & it turns out great.i'm really hopeless with trying to use different papers so i just tend to stick to plain & boring he he.

Keryn Campbell said...

Yummy card Rhi. It's one of those cards that needs a couple of viewings to see the full picture.

All Pink girl said...

Gorgeous card ,love the papers ,Dawnx