Monday, November 06, 2006

B&W with the only colour being ribbon

It was a hard challenge but this is what I came up with. I think it needs more ribbon somewhere but not sure where yet. I didn't have any black or white buttons so I die cut them from card and glossy accented them. *note to self -buy more buttons*

Its a bad pic, when the sun moves round a bit I'll try again.


Lynne.x said...

Wow Rhis, this one is fantastic. :)

Lynne.x said...

Oh and I have changed your name to Rhis ..... sorry.xx

Kathy said...

Great card Rhi - this challenge was harder than it sounded wasn't it?

Dollydimps said...

Can I please have the talent you have in your little finger!!! You have more there than I have in my whole body!
Another fab card Rhi!

Keryn Campbell said...

Rhi don't add anymore ribbon to it your card is fantastic just the way it is.


Paula said...

lovely card.I like the flowers. The ribbon just adds that touch of colour. I have trouble getting light right to take photos today.

Saffa said...


STUNNING card! Love it! YOu clever thing.

And your banner is fab, like I said you can expect me very soon as that scenery looks very inviing!!