Monday, November 20, 2006

Vaguely Human

Thats how I'm feeling! The cold seems to have past its worse and I'm feeling much much better. I think the worst thing about colds, apart from the physical yuckiness, is that they can make you feel so very down, which is not a nice thing at the best of times but when you are trying to stay out of the dark pit of depression it can be a bit too much like teetering on the edge for comfort. But hey ho, Ive got through this one, with a bit of help from my friends, my pharmacist and Lidl's fake Mars bars. Theyre like Mars bars but not so sickly and much yummier, and I read somewhere that chocolates very good for a sore throat. Thats my excuse anyway.

Thank you all for all your lovely comments about my cards. Sabine, the playstation controller is a QK die, and Gillian, I used ranger alcohol inks on my plastic milk bottle embellies, but try what you've got cause Ive heard there are better ones out there although I can't remember what theyre called right now, Pinyatas or something like that?

I hope I can fit in some of the craft time Ive missed and that I'll have something to share before too long.


Paula said...

glad you are coming out the "other side". I hate colds for the very reason they make me feel really sorry for myself & weepy!!!
Those fake mars bars are fabby aren't they & yes I think Rhi-search could prove them good for sore throats!!!
hugs Paula.x

Kathy said...

The worst thing about crafting with a cold si that as soon as you put your head down to concentrate on your work, that insistent drip starts to trickle it's way down your nose.....

Lynne.x said...

Glad your feeling a bit better Rhi. Another couple of fake Mars bars and you'll be all the way .... xx

Gillian Hamilton said...

must remember the next time I have a sore throat about the Mars bars... LOL..
glad your feeling better.
thanks for the note about the ink Rhi, I'm really keen to try this.
TTFN Gillian :o)

Saffa said...

Aww Rhi hope you are back on your feet ASAP!! Hmm I have always been told the opposite about chocolae and colds!!! I think Im going to go with you on it though!!

I know exacly what you mean about teetering on the edge I feel that most the times thats what Im doing! Like walking a tight rope!

Well sending you lots of love and hugs

Tracey said...

Glad you're feeling more human again Rhi. Take care.