Thursday, November 23, 2006


Good morning blog readers, I still find it amazing that anyone reads my drivel at all but obviously you do! So thank you for stopping by. I'm having a bit of a nervous day as Ive got the dentist this afternoon. OK, I'd better give a warning here....

Nasty dentist story coming up!!! Feel free to go and read something more fun!

Personally I blame the marketing bods at cadburys. It all started when Finger of Fudge (remember them?) had a save up your packets promotion in the 80's. Of course I had to get 50 wrappers for a state of the art calculator ruler which was the Daddy of all giveaways. It took so long to collect them! It broke within a week by the way, theres a lesson to be learned there.

Anyway that meant I had to have fillings and one of the filled teeth had to get removed recently but it didn't want to come out, so half of the darn thing is left in there and he's going to take it out today.

Now I worked as a dental nurse for a while and the first time I saw this done I nearly fainted, so I know exactly what it is theyre going to do, and although i do trust my dentist (hes good and Ive had some bad ones!) he keeps doing the oh its simple and you'll be fine thing... but I know what theyre going to do. Im not going to tell you though cause some things its really better not to know.

So if I'm not back this afternoon then you know whats happened...


Susan said...

Oh dear - you didn't post this afternoon. I hope that just means it is all over and you are now resting up. Thank you for commenting on my card - it's great to have found such a lovely group of people here! Will check back again tomorrow and see if you are up and about.

Your cards are gorgeous, btw, and that sight gag of the dentist is a scream - eeeek!

Rachel said...

Hi Rhi

Hope the Dentist wasn't too bad - I was a dental nurse for a bit too so I know what you mean!


Lynne.x said...

Rhi hope all went as it should have, and your not in too much pain - poor love.xx

Paula said...

Ooo you have my sympathies, I hate the dentists - mental trauma from too much rearrangement of my mouth as a child.

I'm glad I didn't know what they were doing, that would just freak me out completely!