Monday, November 27, 2006

A simple doodle

I've had a busy day today preparing for classes, and Im still not finished all my organising. I have learnt how to print a mirror image in word though, thanks for your help Jo and Tracie.

I was looking through my card gallery at the cards I was making earlier this year, and found this, its a really simple doodled card, so I thought I'd share it incase it inspired you to have a go at Jo's fab doodle dare!

Bee Happy! Rhi x

ps Vingt is 20 in french *blush* thanks Kel, I'm really going to be in a right pickle when I go to my friends wedding in france next year!


Janine said...

awww thats so cute.....I need to get a into G and create a doodle one!! I am doodle phobic.....

Paula said...

Fab little design. I often think the simplist are the cutest & best.
I have over elaborated a design before & really regretted it.
My main concern is when to use a background paper & when to leave the card blank. Once I've made the decision it gets easy after that....she lies!

Jo said...

Gorgeous card, so simple yet really effective. Love your scrapbook page, the colours are yummy

jo xx

Carole Janson said...

Loving this Rhi, so very cute.