Thursday, November 09, 2006

Meet the Chavix's

These are sizzix dolls I made ages ago for a laugh in a moment of boredom and then put out of the way never to see the light of day. As I was chatting with some friends on MSN about the merits (or not as the case may be) of these little sizzix people, I thought I'd dig them out of their rubbish life stuffed in a pocket on a wallhanger with other things like card mag freebies I'll probably never use and give them their moment of fame. So here they are, teehee! Mrs Chavix's earrings are much more sparky in real life by the way, thats because theyre genuine diamond-ish!

Dare day tomorrow, I love fridays!


Lynne.x said...

Rhi .... lol!!!! they are Chav-tastic. Get the on ebay they would probably fly.x

Jo said...

lol they are so cool :)

Jo x