Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Wendnesday's Little Extra

For this weeks Little Extra we were challenged to use 1 tag, 2 different ribbons or fibres and 3 different patterned papers on a card and dahdah... here's mine... Cant't wait to see what you do.Papers are K'Ology Peabody again, I just love them! Fibres are wool from a charity shop, I just cant walk past a charity shop wool box without a good rummage to see what they have and Ive had some great finds.

Its been one of those funny weeks so far, the car broke down, its fine now its back from the garage (how much! argh!!!) but the poor things feeling her age, I can feel myself coming down with a lurgy so I'm dosing up on Satusmas for the vitamin C to give my body the best chance to fight it and it was the last week of teaching pottery as their funding has run out. I've managed not to let it get me down though which is good.

And on a positive note, Ive been asked to do some more papercraft teaching so they obviously like what I do, fabby. I get paid for doing what I love, I can't imagine anything better.

Off for an early night now!
Rhi x


Lynne.x said...

Oh no Rhi - we have the lurgie in this house just now :( hope it doesn't come to much and you feel better soon.xx

bettybetty said...

You are so cool, that's my favorite from that challenge, why spend a fortune on fancy fibres, it's the most streamlined and simple one pleasing to my eye, seen you on scs i think, keep on stampin'

Gillian Hamilton said...

Hi Rhi,
Just love your card.. it's stylish, & elegant..
I'm a charity shopper too. I love old buckles..& sometimes if I'm lucky I'll find a very special one. Congrats on the teaching gig, what a thrill.
TTFN Gillian :o)

Taniwha said...

Brilliant card, I love it :D