Wednesday, December 13, 2006

More Christmas Cards

I think hopefully this is almost the last batch for this year, all very similar, and only 2 pics came out, but it was getting too late for my head to come up with anything new, I think I have Christmas fatigue! I have almost finished my christmas presents shopping though, which is a huge relief. Its been the most horrible wet and windy weather but the blessing of that is that the shops are a bit quieter. I can't wait til its all finished then I can just laze about watching cheesy films and eatting chocolate, fab.

On a bit of a tangent, isn't it amazing how you're faith in the general good natured-ness of the human race is reaffirmed just when you need it. I went into town after work the other day on a mini mission for a couple of things. I was feeling a bit frazzled, tired and couldn't really be bothered as you do... and as I parked, I got a tap at the window and someone offered me their parking ticket which still had an hour and a half of time on it, what a lovely man. It's a small thing but it made me all warm and smiley inside and as I fought against the wind and rain to find what I was after I was all happy and filled with cheery thoughts.

Next week I'm teaching Mini books and waterfall cards, then its holidays, hooray! Is it just me or is everyone else knackered too and in need of a break?


Gillian Hamilton said...

Hi Rhi,
What brand are these flowers, I love their unusual shape.. Lovely cards, by the way, You always use beautiful PP's.

Anonymous said...

Just when you think you have made the last one, you remember you forgot someone!!!!!!
Fabby cards, even if you lack inspiraiton they are still ace!!!
I have the ideas just losing the inclination!

having to comment anonymous until I get my blog swithced to beta & Im a scardy cat & don't want to!!!
Paula pixie x

Gillian Hamilton said...

Rhi thanks for your comment on my blog and telling me about your flowers, You truley are a 'Paper Artist', I'd never thought they were stamped, You've really made them so dimensional.. TTFN Gillian :o)

Kathy said...

Love the cards Rhi - especially the green one, has the look of a beautifully wrapped gift box that you just can't wait to open!

Isn't it funny how something like being offered the rest of someone's parking time just makes your day?