Friday, December 22, 2006

The recipe for a good New Year apparently a tall dark man arriving after just after the bells with coal and bread which represents the food and warmth you will have for the coming year. The reason a dark man was preferable seems to date back to when the vikings were pillaging in Scotland so a blonde man could be dangerous. Funny how these things start!

My recipe for a good new year is at home or at a friends home with lots of food and drink, good company, but not too much drink that you fall over, been there done that and I'm quite happy to see some of january the first instead of spending it hiding from the daylight nursing a hangover moaning why do I do this to myself. Familiar?

Anyway, we have a slightly different recipe for a new year dare card this week, see what I did there!

It's to make a New Year card using 3 brads or eyelets, 2 patterned papers and 1 die cut or punchie and daadaa!
I used DCWV papers, An Auntie Sarah's Daisy Bloom, Angel Kiss from LCC, Lil Davis foam stamps (part of my Birthday Stash) for the 2007 stamped in brown acrylic paint, brad from Dovecrafts, other brads and clip from a swap and QK Olivia for the greeting. Ok I know I used more than one die cut but I only used one alphabet... will you let me off?

So if you've completely missed the Christmas card posting dates how about doing New Year ones instead, I reckon you can send them til at least february!

Have fun playing and I hope Santa brings you lots of crafty goodies to play with.


Rein said...

This is a wonderful new year card!
Love the colors.

Dollydimps said...

Up to your usual fab standard Rhi!

Funnily enough, earlier today I was thinking I could cover my complete disorganisation for Christmas by doing New Year cards-great minds and all that!;-) xx