Thursday, December 21, 2006

Thank you

Thank you all for your lovely comments, its fab to be able to tell everyone our news, whoooohoooo!

I had a great birthday, was working, but hey it was crafty working so it was fun and I'm not complaining, then got treated to a gorgeous home made chinese, Matt's a star in the kitchen, king prawn stir fry, yummm, with profiteroles for afters. He lit the fire too and generally attended to my every need. What a star he is and by next years birthday the love of my life will be my husband *still grinning*

But I did promise to share my crafty stash with you, heres a pic of the bits I chose myself from LCC for Matt to give me.
Basic Grey luch tin with loads of bits inside, cherry arte stamps, the gorgeous flower ones, Lil Davis Foam alphabet, chipboard, my first proper chipboard, Ive been using homemade stuff til now! Ickle buttons, mahoosive brads and fabric blooms. Fab all of it, and cause it had been at least a week of waiting to open it (felt like a lifetime lol) I'd forgot what I'd ordered! I also got the sizzlits windows and frame set which is full of basic shapes, havent had a chance to play yet though, but the holidays are coming!

Matt also got me a beautiful Amarillis which is just about to bloom, a few other things and made me a card! Im so impressed I think its ace, he just used bits from my very messy desk. A huge thank you to all the fabby talented people who sent me birthday cards too, when I get a mo, I shall take pictures of them all and have a go at one of the cool slideshow thingys.

And tomorrow's friday, which can mean only one thing, dare day!


Cath said...

Glad you had a good birthday, what a fabby man you have there!

Gillian Hamilton said...

So glad you had a lovely birthday.. I enjoyed looking at your yummy stash.. can't wait to see the end product of these treasures...looking forward to seeing you slideshow of your cards..

Susan said...

Wonderful to see your presents and to drool with you about the projects you could make! Wow - that man of yours is romantic! How lovely to be treated that way :-D Have a truly memorable holiday and will be back soon to see how you are doing.