Monday, October 08, 2007

Scallop Scissors and 7 things about me

I don't seem to be able to put my new scallop scissors down! I'm not sure if it's a good thing or whether I'll be looking back in a year embarassed at how much I was using them, still its fun and thats what matters. Here's a couple of cards I made over the weekend.

I've also been experimenting on photoshop with making papers, wow, its amazing the things you can do with layers. I never really understood them before but Matt showed me how they work properly and now I can see how things work a little clearer. What I really need to do is start carrying my camera round all the time so I can shoot textures so I have some usable photos to play with, it's exciting and it'll make a good winter hobby! I haven't actually made anything I'm pleased with yet but as soon as I do I'll share of course.

I've been tagged by Dawn! So here's my 7 things...
  1. I'm rubbish in the mornings, I'm very much a night owl and always have been.
  2. I'm a messy crafter, like really messy to the point of covering every surface with stuff, but I'm trying to be tidier because it's frustrating not being able to find things and trying to work on a two inch square corner of desk.
  3. I smoke (yep giving up is on the life list), but I don't smoke in my craft room because of my precious papers and pretties might get contaminated.
  4. I used to save up my pocket money as a child to buy craft stuff, I still have a pyrography iron I bought when I was about 9.
  5. In 5th year at school when we were choosing our careers (lol, like you can shoose a career at 16) I narrowed it down to Art School or Dentistry. I would have been much richer as a dentist but I'm glad I went with my heart. Art school was fab!
  6. I like gardening but I'm such a fairweather gardener, as soon as we get to autumn I just can't be bothered with it, but I'll be back out there in march. I just say to myself it's a wildlife haven!
  7. I love twiglets and I'm not very good at sharing them, the new packets made me and Matt laugh so much that I took a photo, great for sharing... lol I don't think so!
Thank Dawn, now the people I would like to know 7 random facts about are... erm, I'll get back to you!


Dollydimps said...

you're not the only one scalloping everything in sight!
Great to know I can bribe you with twiglets-but you can have them all-they are EVIL!

BondGirl said...

twiglets ewww they are brances dipped in Marmite and gross! lol

The scallop edges look cool!

Hazel said...

Great cards, Rhi. Oh, I haven't had any twiglets for ages, but I can guarantee if I get a packet I can't leave them alone.

asia wu said...

Fab cards, I love your designes.

Samm said...

Gorgeous cards! love them both, so nice and funky!