Friday, March 02, 2007

Face your Fears!

That is the Dare Challenge this week for all you Daring Cardmakers! To use something you dont normally use, or work in a style or with a technique thats outside your comfort zone.

I have been well and truly uncomfortable this week, I thought about decoupage but thats as far as I got, I really did try with peel offs but I just don't like them. Plus I didn't buy any of the new ones, some of which are quite nice cause Im on a stash diet. So that one went in the bin!

I used some decoupaged stickers that I won in a competition about 18 months ago and have been sitting in a box ever since. Theyre lovely stickers, Third dimention Standouts by Christina Cole, and are mounted onto a Blonde Moments paper. I like the finished outcome of this card but I don't get much satisfaction from it because I don't feel like I made most of it using ready made embellishments. But Im definately outside my comfort zone and thats the point!
I played with quilling but Im really not happy with the outcome so I didn't put it on the dare blog, and I'm only going to show a little picture here. Its just missing something, and after all that paper twirling I gouldn't see the light for the millions of strips of paper dancing in front of my eyes. I've seen some beautiful quilling but its definately not my thing. Im glad I tried it though as now I can appreciate the time involved in some of the amazing quilled designs out there. Maybe if I'd left myself more time I would have been more successful!
I hope this inspires you to try something a bit different and out of your usual cardmaking safety zone, remember to let us know how it feels too, its all part of the dare. Happy Cardmaking! Rhi x


Maisymary's Findings said...

O mY Rhi ! I totally love the standouts & your card design with them ! I get oodles of satisfaction using ready made embllies ! lol - speed is my second name ! so in other words to get out of my comfort zone I oughta make my own embellies for a change ! hey ho !

love it !

BondGirl said...

i love the candles they are so sweet, I rarely use pre made bits either so I know what you mean. The design is great. the quilling is fab too. I have only ever made one quilled card, and am not in a hurry to repeat the experience!!

Frog said...

Ohh love it Rhi, quilling is not my speciality but i have had a go.

Andrea xx

maggieb said...

Good on you for giving it a go Rhi.I love the cards as for pre made embellis i use them quite a lot.

jennalee said...

Nice work. I love both of these.

Kathy said...

This dare definitely did what it said on the tin eh?
When we packed up to move house I chucked away all the peeloffs that had been lurking in a box for the last couple of years! I wasn't about to buy more, even for our Tracie!
I feel the same about ready-made embellishments, I find it hard to say "I made this card" if all I've really done is stick stuff on that someone else has made. Having said that, there is plenty of room to use this sort of thing in your own way - it's just a bit harder to really make it yours - and I think you've managed really well with this lovely candles card - it's so sweet and pretty and sure to be loved by whoever receives it.

Well done on giving quilling a go - I've never had a go, but have seen designs I like - and even just by twiddling the odd strip of paper to make a Christmas decoration it's obvious that it's much much harder than it looks!

Kimberly White said...

I like both of your cards Rhi! I get what you mean about the ready made embellishments though. Impressed with the quilling! Have a lovely day! Kim

Esther said...

Lovely to see simple and effective decoupage, rather than the old fashioned kind (if you knwo what i mean...) Thanks SOOO much for my pink package! Loving the bits and already used the fibre and one of the tags on the latest DCM challenge! bit about it onmy blog
Thanks, keep up the good work

Paula said...

both cards are lovely. I tried quilling & found I just don't have the patience!!!
I should have re entered my tea bag card as that was out my zone!!!
But I tried copying someone elses design idea.

Anntaurus said...

I love your cards Rhi - your quilling is fab! I just wouldn't have the patience for that I'm afraid!

Saffa said...

Rhi I love these cards. I find it really hard to use stickers and decoupage really isn't my thing!

I remember doing quilling back in Junior school when I decorated a little old cheese box in the good old Blue Peter style-WOW doesn't time fly!

I really love the cards-BOTH of them! I think the quilled card is just beautiful as it is!


manicstamper said...

Awww that is a really cute card Rhi and I am so impressed with your quilling.
I have a quilling tool and that's as far as it goes.....bought during an insane moment I expect when I had seen something I thought I would like to do....hey's still in it's packet.

Gillian Hamilton said...

Rhi you have made Quilling look Funky!!!!... I really like your quilled card.. the colours you used together look great..
the first one is sweet, lovely colours but understand the lack of making the bits too...
let's hope we can all stay comfortable from now on heh!!! :o)

Jo said...

I like your quilled card, I am not sure that I would hvae the patience to make all those little bits :) The first card is really pretty, the candles do look fab, I know what you mean about using premade bits though, it does not quite feel the same :)

jo xx

Wife2TJ said...

CUTE cards! Love how you made that flower one!