Saturday, March 03, 2007

Harmony in the Garden

Its such a lovely sunny day today, so after finishing 40 of Angus and Celine's Invites (only 80 to go!) I got out in the garden to do some serious tidying up. Im a complete fairweather gardener and this is the first time Ive spent any real time out there this year, well apart from playing in the snow but you couldn't see anything then. I get total garden apathy after octoberish and its only cause my good friend Sarah enthused me into planting bulbs that I have any colour at all. I'm really glad I did now, thanks hun :)

Im pleasantly surprised by how much is going on out there. I spotted 3 ladybirds so aphids watch out mwahahaha. My Iris' are up and looking gorgeous, my freecycle muscaris are green and lively and the daffs and tulips are fighting their way through. Theres also loads of teeny aquilegias that have self sown which is great cause its one of my favourite flowers. And just a step over the back wall theres beautiful drifts of snowdrops. I managed to get 3 decent photos out of about 50, hooray for digital cameras but boo for my crappy camera skills!

Im also lucky in that theres surprisingly few slugs and snails out there, must be the birds munchcing them which is fine by me, and my compost is ready hooray! So a bit more weeding and then I'll mulch the lot with the black gold that is our old potato peelings and apple cores.

Oh the simple things :)


Lythan said...

These photos are absolutely breathtaking Rhi. Thanks for sharing

CĂ©line said...

How lovely, and... how lucky. I'm looking foward to lazing about in your buding garden.

Maisymary's Findings said...

Lovely flowers & pics , Rhi ! I'm no green fingers myself - but perhaps I'll change my mind when I can no longer do papercrafting in the old age ? lol

Taking a break halfway through a custom invite order sounds like a wise thing ! Trust your wedding planning is going mostly to plan . But not to worry if they aren't exactly perfect sometimes... if you know what I mean ...
smiles , Pearl

Jo said...

gosh, fab photos and fab flowers. I am so pants at gardening, I tried to help josh grow a daffodil last year and managed to get the only one that did not have a flower on it lol. Mum has planted some for us this year so we should be ok :)

jo xx

Kathy said...

Lovely photos - you've reminded me I need to go out and take some pics of my miniature daffs

Kimberly White said...

These are growing in your garden???? Soo pretty and so jealous! We still have a ton of snow here so flowers are at least a month or two away! Can't wait till my bulbs peak up through the dirt. Have a great day! Kim