Wednesday, March 14, 2007

The Gym!

Yes you heard right, The Gym!

Today I went and had my induction so I can, in theory anyway, now safely use all the gym equipment. I was dead nervous that it was going to be full of lycra clad body beautiful types with their pants over their cycling shorts but actually, everyone there seemed very normal and friendly too. I'm just wondering what my muscles are going to be like tomorrow. Some of those machines are torturous!

Wedding planning seems to be quite slow at the moment. I have got some new yummy ribbons to play with for the invites though. Today I also ordered the chocolate for the favours, just out of interest does anyone actually like sugared almonds? Chocolate definately wins in my book so we have 2 kilo's of ivory coated chocolate dragees, well a girl has to tast them on behalf of her guests first eh!. Once they arrive I'll make a few up and take a piccy of the favours, just for you Lythan, and Im planning wedding shoe shopping next week too. I just really, really want my hair to grow a bit so I can have it up with some kind of flowery hair comb or something.

Ive made a card for the UKS Card Challenge of the week. Its for hubs to be, ooo, its so exciting writing that, to give to his Mum. I had to scan it as I've missed the good light now, doh!

Funnily enough, I feel strangely awake for this time of day, maybe this exercise thing works!


Janine said...

oh I like that card, very nice, I can't take my eyes off it. SOunds like the gym and you will work out well. As for almonds, I agree ewwwww.

Lythan said...

Ah got my wedding fix! thanks for indulging an old married woman. And I love the card, speshly the ribbons

maggieb said...

Lovley card Rhi what gym do you go to? Debbie & Lesley go to the saltire on montrose road seems like hard work to me he he.

Paula said...

Big fat no to the sugared almonds. We had white mint imperials in silver organza bags. Fitted perfectly with my colour scheme :-)

Don't go in the gym too often, you'll disappear!