Saturday, March 17, 2007

Honeymoon Happiness

I've booked our honeymoon today and by searching round the web managed to get a great deal for two weeks in Crete, bliss! Then the high street tour operator who we were originally going to go with agreed to match the price, and still added the honeymoon extras of flowers and wine, whoohoo! What a bargain master I am! Wannna see a pic?Looks good doesn't it! Its a quiet little village, not far from a bigger place and a little further on to the mad clubbing capital of crete. So we may go and laugh at all the 18 year old brits out on the pull one night as we'll be old marrieds by then *very big grin*. I also went to see Nic who was doing a fair today selling her cards, her stall looks fabaroo, really funky. So of course I bored her almost to tears with my bargain honeymoon talk.

I am so unbelieveably lucky, I love my Matt and he's going to marry me, I love where I live and I love what I do. I have great friends who get me, and two gorgeous cats who often cuddle up and purr.


iralamija said...

Hi! Rhi I send you an e-mail about the silk flowers but it says the e mail adress was wrong, anyway, of course I can send the flowers to UK, just let me know how many flowers and wich styles would you like and I wil send you the cost for the shipping to UK (I haven't set the button for international shipping yet) let me know ok. THANKS! you can send me an e mail

Bety :)

Bex said...

Hi Rhi

Your honeymoon choice looks totally gorgeous!
AND how fab an idea for your gift list - such a sweet and generous thing to do.
Crikey you sound just SO happy - I am really pleased for you both

Love Bex xxxxx

Dollydimps said...

Your honeymoon place looks gorgeous!!! Thank you so much for coming up to see me yesterday-it was fab to see you!
As for the happiness thing, you deserve every single scrap of it, and then some more! You're a fab person xxx

Lythan said...

Aw you just made me cry (in a happy way). What a wonderful speech abut your life and a wonderful wedding list too.

Kimberly White said...

How exciting! I hope your honeymoon is wonderful! Kim

Eleni said...

Congratulations!!! And Greece is such a romantic place ... blue waters and skies!!! LOL I should know!

Gillian Hamilton said... really are a very special girl!..loved reading this post.. and what a wonderful place to go to for your honeymoon.. how exciting!!!