Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Ribbon Recipe

Yep, more ribbony loveliness from the DCM blog. This time a recipe to use...

4 brads/eyelets
3 circles
2 rectangles
and lashings of ribbon!

Ribbon is as before from Ribbon Oasis. One of my favouritest places to get ribbon from, the mini kits are fabarooo! Now I've been a bit over Christmassified so I decided to ignore the festive seasons approach and make a card for any occasion...

The felt ribbon is lush and I love the stitched edge, makes it look like you've spent ages sewing it lol! The Christmas ribbons DCM entries are all amazing but there's still plenty of time to enter and win some ribbon, you can never have too much in my opinion!

Monday, October 29, 2007

Monday monday

Didn't it get dark early this evening, I don't know why it came as a shock but it always does. Ahh well, not long til spring and plenty of crafting time meanwhile. Here's a couple of things I made over the weekend, both for Just Bex challenges and using scrummy Pink Petticoat papers. First a swing card, I just love these papers, so funky.

Next I turned this box...
Into this! Much prettier. I can't say Im a huge fan of altered stuff as practical storage, in my experience things decorated with blooms and ribbon seem to fall apart very quickly in my craft room. Maybe I expect too much from my storage lol. Still, these washing tablet boxes have a fab click shut action cause of the cardboard tabs inside so I reckon I will actually use this, probably to take bits and pieces to classes.

See you tomorrow for a fab Little Extra challenge from the Daring Cardmakers!

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Stash yumminess

Oh dear I think I overused exclamation marks in my last post. Must be the excitement of spending the day with two fab friends who I can witter on to about paper stuff and they know what I'm on about (Now I was tempted to put a '!' there but I'm being restrained...). As promised, here's some stash pics...

Delicious fabricy goodness from Elsie and 7Gypsies gaffer tape...
Random papers and some huge monograms to alter for me and Matt.

Dies and brads...

Oh and a big round corner punch... forgot that one cause its out of its packet and being used already. Plus a couple of mags for a pound each. Very restrained don't you think? I was after some cool colours of felt but there was only one stand that had it, and not a great selection so yesterday I toddled off to my local craft shop and got...


and these stamps for a pound each...
I made some stuff yesterday too but I think I've probably pushed blogger to its limit of photos allowed in one place without it having an emo fit and throwing them all off, so I'll come back with them soon.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Ribbons Galore

I'm so late posting my Dare cards for yesterday but I have a very good excuse! Girly chats and craft shopping! Yesterday I went to the SECC craft show with Lynne and Nic, and it was a fab day out. Was quite restrained with my purchaces really! I got just in time for Ugly Betty followed by QI and fell asleep straight after! Anyway I'll come back and tell you all about it later but meanwhile here's my Dare cards, this week sponsored by Ribbon Oasis, Ribbony Christmas Cards!

This funky ribbon is the perfect match for the Pink Martini, flirtini papers. Its like they were made for each other. Stamp by Autumn Leaves on DCWV card. A retro ish Christmas card this one!
This gold ribbon is lovely for accents, DCWV paper, Cuttlebug embossing, sizzix star and BG notch border!
Pics of new stash to follow!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Another JB challenge

Phew, a mega busy day here. Not much I can share though and a load of admin *insert sleepy yawning smiley here*, but I can share this card I made for one of the challenges on the Just Bex forum. To make a fastening card with some sore of closure.

Mine uses BG Blush, which Im feeling ok about using as Mellow is lush and my new one to keep for stroking! And I used 5 pieces out of my 6x6 pad cause I decided to cover the inside and back too which is stripey like the front. Stamps are the same as the previous post, delicious, I love them, and the papermania pearl brads look so antique wardrobe/ belt buckle!Its foggy and cold here tonight so I think a spot of sofa snuggling and telley watching is in order!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Tenuous Link to a Tempting Template!

All the friends cards are amazing! I'm doing my best to get round every single one of them posted this week, its a bit of a challenge, there's just SO many cards being shared! But if you've done it alreadsy and are looking for something else then this weeks, Daring Cardmakers Little Extra is a fab Template! I think I've used lots of artistic licence with this card, it does vaguely fit with the template but it's a good few steps away!

Cuttlebug Embossing Folder, Purple Onion and Penny Black stamps, BG Blush paper.


I've been given an award by Ying Pang and Nic!
I'm so glad I've made people smile, its such an important thing to spread a little joy round the world. I'm so inspired and uplifted by all the things I see and read in crafty blog world but here's my favourites who've made me smile recently. And darn it, loads of you have been nominated already but if you've done it already and I nominated you, sorry I must have missed it!

Scrapbook Widower, so funny cause it's true!

Pass on the smiley award if you have time!

And finally a card! Done for a Just Bex Challenge, Bloomin Christmas!

Friday, October 19, 2007

Circle of Friends

Happy Birthday DCM,
Happy Birthday DCM,

Happy Birthday Daring Cardmakers,
Happy Birthday to us all!

Wow I can't believe it's been a year since we launched our first Daring Cardmakers Dare. Its amazing that only a year ago there were no challege blogs for cardmakers and so Daring Cardmakers was born!

What a year it's been, there have been babies, weddings, ups, downs but most of all, loads of creativity in a friendly welcoming place. It's fantastic to see the huge amount of responses each week to the dares, thank you for taking the time to post your creations, I'm only sorry I don't have an extra few hours each day so I could read and respond to every single comment, but between us we do visit every single blog.

So one year on, we are revisiting our first dare in honour of the amazing CIRCLE OF FRIENDS that spreads all across the world, making DCM the friendly, creative fun place it is!

Supplies: BG Infuse, Doodlebug & Dimension Forth Stamps, Scallop Scissors, Cropodile and Lots of inking.

I can't wait to see the cards you make for this, and thank you for making Daring CardMakers what it is.

Rhi x

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

CPS 34

I'm late with the CPS sketch, the next one's already announced but it's getting harder and harder to get the light to take pics. I'm going to have to invest in a photo tent, anyone got one, any recommendations welcome!

Papers by Pink Petticoat, stamps by doodlebug, purple onion and ribbon from little silver hat or ribbon oasis, can't remember which cause I have so much ribbon! Scallops with BG notch tool and Fiskars scissors, looking at it now I think I'd make the scallops the same if I was doing it again but I thought I'd try the two different ones together.

I'm really enjoying making C6 cards with the fold on the short edge, its good to have a change from square!

Thanks for looking!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Firstly for Jackie who left a message on my previous post, sorry I can't click throught o your blog, the scallop scissors are from Artbase... here. I have the cloud ones, hope this helps, they took me a while to track down too.

This weeks Santas Little Extra helper is Christmas trees, and here's my contribution!Scalloped edge this time is BG notch tool with Cropodile holes, papers are DCWV, stamps by Autumn Leaves & Hampton Art and lots of inking with Brilliance goodness.

I downloaded some delicious Pink Petticoat papers at the weekend so I've been working my printer hard, some delicious designs. I've been experimenting with printing straight onto coloured card too, some interesting effects, and some really clashy ones too!

Friday, October 12, 2007

Wild things!

Firstly I'd like to say a huge thank you to everyone who has visited my blog and especially those who have left such fab comments. It's great to know who's stopping by and although I haven't been able to return the favour cause of a hectic week, I plan on setting aside some blog reading time as soon as I can!

This weeks Daring Cardmakers challenge was set by the wonderful Kathy, to use animals on your card, but not just iddy diddy ones, big beastly ones!

I made a cute little dinosaur card using my scallop scissors, (surprise surprise there eh!) K&Co paper, ink and a 2 Peas Dingbat font called boys will be boys. If you want to know how to do the fancy bow on the right hand side I've done a tutorial for the Wedding Crafter and all the step by step instructions are there.

I forgot to share my Santas little extra helper card the other day too. Its made in a similar way, DCWV Christmas 6x6 paper, ribbon and the Santa, with the oh so cute hat, it's one letter from the 2Peas Santa dingbat, printed on red card, cut out by hand and decorated the hat with white EP.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

HS:MS crockery and whooopeeedoooo!

Ok the whoopedoo first....

I HAVE FINISHED MY TAX RETURN!!!!! YAY!!!! Now I can get back to the nicer parts of being self employed, Like making stuff!

Her space:My space is a blog I've always had a peek at from time to time, and been in awe of the brilliant photography, both on the site and by participants. Well today it's crockery and I just couldn't resist.
This is our gorgeous Denby Blue Jetty crockery which was a wedding present from my Grandparents, and the Teapot, from Rama & Sarah. I just love it, its even nice to wash up! Not too bad a photo for my little digital thing. Thanks for inspiring me to pick it up, its great practice for photography.

Monday, October 08, 2007

Scallop Scissors and 7 things about me

I don't seem to be able to put my new scallop scissors down! I'm not sure if it's a good thing or whether I'll be looking back in a year embarassed at how much I was using them, still its fun and thats what matters. Here's a couple of cards I made over the weekend.

I've also been experimenting on photoshop with making papers, wow, its amazing the things you can do with layers. I never really understood them before but Matt showed me how they work properly and now I can see how things work a little clearer. What I really need to do is start carrying my camera round all the time so I can shoot textures so I have some usable photos to play with, it's exciting and it'll make a good winter hobby! I haven't actually made anything I'm pleased with yet but as soon as I do I'll share of course.

I've been tagged by Dawn! So here's my 7 things...
  1. I'm rubbish in the mornings, I'm very much a night owl and always have been.
  2. I'm a messy crafter, like really messy to the point of covering every surface with stuff, but I'm trying to be tidier because it's frustrating not being able to find things and trying to work on a two inch square corner of desk.
  3. I smoke (yep giving up is on the life list), but I don't smoke in my craft room because of my precious papers and pretties might get contaminated.
  4. I used to save up my pocket money as a child to buy craft stuff, I still have a pyrography iron I bought when I was about 9.
  5. In 5th year at school when we were choosing our careers (lol, like you can shoose a career at 16) I narrowed it down to Art School or Dentistry. I would have been much richer as a dentist but I'm glad I went with my heart. Art school was fab!
  6. I like gardening but I'm such a fairweather gardener, as soon as we get to autumn I just can't be bothered with it, but I'll be back out there in march. I just say to myself it's a wildlife haven!
  7. I love twiglets and I'm not very good at sharing them, the new packets made me and Matt laugh so much that I took a photo, great for sharing... lol I don't think so!
Thank Dawn, now the people I would like to know 7 random facts about are... erm, I'll get back to you!

Friday, October 05, 2007

Postcard Pandemonium!

Jane's dare this week is to make a postcard... and actually post it! I decided the only way I was going to be sure to keep all the bis stuck on through the post was to use a laminator, so I went shopping!

After a few tests I realised the plastic was strong enough to support quite delicate edges so I didn't have to stick to a plain rectangle... yippee!

I used Fiskars Scallop scissors, CropODile for the holes, K&Co Paper, Gelatins, Autumn Leaves & Doodlebug stamps and doodling.

The back is stamped too...

Im going to use a CD pen to write on it, I tested it and it's permanent so it won't wipe off in the post bag!

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

More Frames

Lynnes framed dare has really inspired me, so many wonderful entries on the DCM blog. Here's a couple more Christmas cards along the same lines. Traditional colours and something a bit different. That Merry Christmas stamp is from one of the little studio G sets, really cute.
Another fab delivery today from Artbase, finally got the fiskars cloud scissors I've been hankering after for ages, luberly juberly. Also got a copy of Papercrafts, the US mag, I love it. It's so full of ideas and even the ads are inspiring me, maybe its just cause they're all new to my eyes!

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

It's fixed... and Little Extra

Yep the cars fixed, phew. I did get patronised by a Kwik Fit Manager though, when I questioned his price. I'd found a place who quoted £50 less for the same thing and he gave me a good talking down to about questioning him. After which he said he'd price match ATS but after him talking to me like I was an imbecile I decided to wait and go elsewhere.

Worth shopping about when it comes to car stuff, the patronising mechanics give them all a bad name and they're not all like that.

Anyhooo, I'm back on the road! A couple of lovely deliveries today, Ribbon from Ribbon Oasis... drool and some gorgeous Gel-a-tins stamps, buttons and brackets, you can never have enough of either in my opinion.

Today's Daring Cardmakers Little Extra is Post Haste, to use a REAL postage stamp on a card. Luckily I collect stamps for the RSPB (its a freepost address to send them off), so I raided my envelope and found a few beauties, including this really pretty German stamp.

The colours inspired the whole card, Dovecraft and DCWV papers, Ribbon Oasis ribbon, (yep used some already!) , Sassafrass Lass and Doodlebug stamps.